Welcome to Family Visions NC, Inc.

Family Visions NC, Inc. is a non-profit agency located in Charlotte, NC. Family Visions NC, Inc. is a fatherhood Initiative. The role of non-custodial fathers in the lives of low-income families has received increased attention in the past decade. As welfare reform has placed time limits on cash benefits, policymakers and program administrators have become interested in increasing financial support from non-custodial parents as a way to reduce poverty among low-income children. Although child support enforcement efforts have increased dramatically in recent years, there is evidence that many low-income fathers cannot afford to meet their child support obligations without impoverishing themselves or their families. Instead, many fathers accumulate child support debts that may lead them to evade the child support system and see less of their children.

To address these complex issues, Family Visions NC, Inc. will focus on developing and delivering services and options to help low-income non-custodial fathers including, low-income African-American/Latino non-custodial fathers who have been incarcerated, and juvenile fathers starting at the age of 14 years.  Family Visions NC, Inc., will explore with these populations’ education opportunities, explore martial options, find more stable and better-paying jobs, to help pay child support consistently, and become more involved parents. 

Family Visions NC, Inc. endeavors to become an innovative and accountable effective court connection program that works with non-custodial low-income fathers. Family Visions NC, Inc. seeks to address a void in the court and the child support enforcement agency.

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