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A little grandmother has pleaded guilty for her role in a big New York drug ring.

Doris Smith, 71, was arrested in February with 34 other defendants in a drug ring bust in Harlem, according to an indictment from the New York County District Attorney’s Office. She was charged with conspiracy, criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal sale of a controlled substance.

She pleaded guilty to the two felony counts of conspiracy and criminal possession Wednesday, according to court documents.

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politics from the eyes of an ebony mom

Twitter is abuzz with the question why did Bebe Winans sing at the convention? Here is the answer in his own words.
“I want to remind people that before any association with any party that we’re all Americans,” he told The Washington Post of the unpaid gig. “No matter who wins, if we don’t come together and really invest in the country we love, we’re not going to solve the problems.” Words to live by, but Winans needs to be prepared because not all of his fans are this evolved.

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Various sources have confirmed that pioneering hip-hop executive Chris Lighty has died. The native of the Bronx died today of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The powerhouse behind Violater Records and management guided the careers of hip-hop heavyweights like 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott.

Lighty began his career working for DJ Red Alert. He became a road manager for Boogie Down Productions and managed groups like The Jungle Brothers and A Tribe Called Quest. He was given the nickname “Baby Chris” for his good looks and to distinguish himself from his older friend Chris Ali.

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TMZ reports:

Lighty was found at 11:30 AM in the backyard of his Bronx apartment. He was pronounced dead at the scene where a semi-automatic firearm was also recovered. According to several reports, the music mogul had just gotten into an argument with his ex-wife. Sources say…

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